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School Affiliated Organizations

Information Regarding School Affiliated Organizations (SAO)

The Manheim Central School District accepts the concept of cooperation, encouragement and support given by approved School Affiliated Organizations to the school district’s various extracurricular and interscholastic-athletic programs.

A School Affiliated Organization (SAO) is an organization comprised of parents/guardians and community members who choose to support an extracurricular activity. Students are not eligible for membership in any SAO organization. The role of an approved School Affiliated Organization is to assist and support but not to direct, interfere with, nor supplant the staff, existing facilities, or extra-curricular programs of the school district. SAOs may strive to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To promote fan support, spirit, and sportsmanship.
  2. To assist the District by providing supplemental benefits and services to students.
  3. To increase the opportunity for communication between parents/guardians and extracurricular advisors / coaches / teachers in areas of common interest.

All School Affiliated Organization members recognize that school district sponsored activities are under the control, direction, and supervision of the Board of School Directors through its building principals and their designee. The School Affiliated Organization members are not employees or independent contractors of the district.