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Athletic Insurance

The Manheim Central School District provides insurance coverage for all students participating in athletic and extra-curricular programs. The coverage is offered through Philadelphia Insurance Companies.

This coverage is known as EXCESS COVERAGE. This means that the insurance company will pay the first $100.00 of covered expenses without regard to other insurance. Thereafter, benefits shall be payable for covered expenses above $100.00 that are not recoverable from other valid and collectable group insurance. If the insured Person is not covered by other insurance, the excess provision shall not be applicable and full benefits are payable.

In case of an accident while practicing or participating in a sport or extra-curricular activity, report this immediately to your coach, trainer or advisor. If the student is taken to the hospital or to a physician, give the hospital and physician your personal insurance information (Blue Cross, Blue Shield, etc.; group numbers). ALL BILLS ARE TO BE ADDRESSED TO EITHER THE STUDENT OR THE PARENT, NOT THE SCHOOL.

Please see Mr. Marc Schaffer, Director of Athletics & Activities, to obtain the necessary Claim Report Form. This form is to be completed in its entirety and sent directly to the Insurance Company (the address for which is on the form.) If this claim reporting form is not completed, the claim cannot be processed and will be returned.

The claim report is to be forwarded to the address as shown on the claim reporting form. If additional bills are received after the claim form has been sent to the Company, write the name of the School District on the bills and forward to the Company. It is only necessary to complete one claim reporting form for each accident.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Schaffer at 664-8425.

If there are any questions about the coverage, please contact the agent:

Mr. Matthew Snavely - Charis Insurance Group
7 North Lane
Lititz, PA 17543
Phone: 717-202-8860

A Coverage Summary is provided in the Form Library on this page. Questions about a specific claim should be directed to the administrators at the address on the claim form or (800) 952-4320.

Athletic Insurance Documents

Athletic Insurance Summary

Claim form for Athletic Excess insurance coverage.

Coverage Summary

Schedule of Medical Benefits
Philadelphia Insurance Company